Divine Architecture & The Art of Becoming Human

Fear and loneliness are epidemics. They are caused by the germ of forgetting how everything is interconnected. 

After decades of trying to please God —and everyone else— dying was a life-changing experience. As MUSIC, a simple harmony, wove a pattern of light that I instinctively knew was spinning space, time, and matter, every cell in my being was ignited by the realisation that loving is all that truly matters. Given the opportunity to choose life, I said ‘Yes’, my purpose for living to remember, share and validate the details retrieved from death so we can fully live.  

This website is a culmination of more than 30 years of spiritual and scientific exploration about the fundamental nature of connection, and it's time to bring this Pattern and the Mereon Matrix to the world. Please join me at an event or workshop as we step out of ‘normal’ to co-create an experience —an inward journey— that leads you to the heart of all that matters. One moment of genuine self-knowing and feeling your connection with all that is, lifts intellectual knowledge to conscious awareness, and changes your life forever. Understanding is an evolving perspective, and using this knowledge lets you build solid solutions to everyday problems.

Knowing how to connect with yourself is the everyday, life-affirming experience you need to truly live your life, and participate in healthy relationships.

“To describe this course in two words? Life-changing and sublime.” —J. Rossi, California

“I found the end of burnout.” —L. Pesce, Italy


Remembering, making conscious connections, and committing to work together, cooperating to innovate and make positive differences is the purpose of ReMembering. We have an exciting space in development, and invite you to join us, connecting today to staying  tuned for updates!

Upcoming Events

ReVisioning Our World

If you want to learn how to quickly find the simplest solutions for every decisions, join us for an upcoming workshop or help us organise an event in your area.  What we will co-create is an experience of sound, light, and time that will quickly lead you to a new understanding of what really matters.  

“I appreciate the trust that evolved so rapidly, and being included in that; the interactions, despite politics and news, give me hope.” E. Pine, Michigan

If you’re working in the field of human development — personal growth, relationship skills, mediation, developing healthy kids, parenting, and HR and OD — we’d love to show you how fused with your knowing and expertise this knowledge can multiply your ‘magic’. It melds your personality, skills, and gifts in a way that makes your work ‘High Play’. 

Connect with us today to explore possibilities.  

Hardly a day goes by where I don’t find myself drawing the Mereon Trefoil the same way I did the morning of February 14, 1991. The animation below recreates in 1 minute what it took 6-hours to draw! It is an important lesson in perception and perspective. Notice how what you thought was something is actually nothing but empty space. When it’s finished, see if you can find eight hearts… this was what fully opened the realisation why and how my experience of dying left me knowing that nothing and everything are all about Love.

Animation by Sameer Zavery www.astralize.com

Explore the Possibilities

Scientifically validated, this knowledge has been distilled to its 8 basic elements. It’s a simple habit that when used, leads to a conscious decision. This formula was used to create BELONGING.LIFE, a programme that transforms the learning environment for teachers and kids, and it’s a simple enough truth that if a kindergartener can get it, and have fun making it work, so can you! Living authentically requires having the curiosity of a child and the passion of a pioneer.  Each experience is an invitation in, where holding the space open, it is safe to innovate and be co-creative, uniqueness honoured while sameness is celebrated. Discovering your YOUNIVERSE is the first step towards co-creating true REALATIONSHIPS.

Facilitated over the last 15-years, presentations and workshops are based on how every part of a living system is sequentially interconnected. This scientific logic naturally extends to the social sciences, showing how open hearted individuals can grow healthy life-like systems —relationships, families and organisations. Events are for those who are ready to let grow, preparing you to use this understanding to make your life fun and your relationships joyous. 

"I appreciated the experience’s tone, the sharing, ah-ha moments, and new understanding about how life works; the self-analysis; my growth, the growth of others, and bonding and broth of myself and as a member of the group.” D. K. Hill, Michigan


The Mereon Matrix: Everything Connected through (K)nothing

“Mereon stands at the Heart of Creation… This is a metaphoric statement about the attitude and sense of the construction and discovery of pattern that is exemplified by the Mereon Geometry and Topology. We do not mean that this geometry is literally at the beginning of physical creation of universe, but that the attitude of discovery and possible utilization of the patterns so discovered is at the heart of both our human creations, and quite possibly at the heart of the creation we discover in nature.” —Louis H Kauffman

Shopping: Mereon Experiences with Sound & Art

"Reasonance is a real work of art. I'm tempted to call it Primordial Electronica! It's subtle, ever changing, and quite other-worldly. It's also clear how much time, artistic finesse and precision has gone into this. — Joseph Kao
"A beautiful and peaceful experience that physically felt very healing. I think this is revolutionary and can't wait to see the effect in the weeks and months ahead." —Lorrie L
"One of the most profound entrainment tracks I've ever used, actually. The sonic space is very enveloping and my experience was blissfully magical, almost beyond timelessness. I've never had such a silent trance experience. Incredibly vast, but totally silent. I've never experienced anything quite like this, I can only describe it as ancient vastness and a sense of the veil having been lifted. Very intriguing effect…  “ —SC
"This is extraordinary. First I felt it resonating up my spine and then I was almost up in the night sky and it became like being made love to, almost orgasmic and then I cried and then a great sense of calm!” — Jane Taylor